Living on a lake means I’m in a suit all summer long

I wear a two piece swimsuit  because one piece suits don’t fit me — even as a kid. They constantly pulled up my butt. Deal breaker. I went through a stage of wearing a swim skirt, then there were the swim shorts. But for the last five years I’ve been wearing these bottoms. On top of being so comfortable and washing well, they  make me feel confident and covered. 

I found this red suit just last year and added it to my collection. I really like both the top and the bottoms. The high waisted bottom has the cutest ruffle detail. Be aware the top does not have a ton of support. It makes up for it in cuteness. Comes in a few colors too!

Pro tip: Be aware that the Amazon listing has a few different bottoms so make sure you choose the high waisted option if you want this exact suit.

A million colors and patterns in these Amazon Swim bottoms. I’m in mediums most times, but I do have some larges for those days when I need space. 🙂 Click the photo to shop!

These swim bottoms stay put on your legs, they are lined, comfortable and flattering. They do come with a top. The tops are just ok for me so I usually swap them out for a different swim top like this one. Or this one.

A better look at the colors this Amazon swimsuit comes in. 
The ruffle on the bottoms is perfectly placed!

Thanks for shopping swimsuits with me today! Good luck finding one.

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