November Friend Finds

My friend Sandi reached out to me asking about face moisturizer, layering tank tops and a mid range blender for smoothies. I love these kinds of requests. And I happen to have opinions on all three. 🙂 

Part one – face lotion. The following are my top choices for face lotion. These are not drug store brands therefore the price point is higher. 

Hear me out: they go farther. You need to use very small amounts. These products last longer and do a better job. 

A couple things off the top about my skin routine:

I have oily/combination skin. In winter I get more dry around my mouth/chin.  Most of my adult life my skin care was nonexistent. I didn’t remove my makeup. And I used this face wash and face lotion (for teenagers) from the drug store up through my 30’s. Oops. 

I wear very little make up – most of the time only eye liner and mascara. I just started experimenting with CC and BB creams. Because. Brown spots.

I am NOT an expert in skin care. That said, I am fussy about what I use – consistency, how it soaks into my skin, whether it leaves a greasy shine, scent – all play a part. I have tried a million products and I use what works for me and toss the rest.

I always struggle with a greasy face. Especially half way through the day. I found these oil absorbing sheets and I’ve never looked back. I just ordered these bamboo sheets, too. Take one of these babies and wipe your greasy face – they take the grease off but NOT your make up. Magic!

Oil Absorbing Sheets | Bamboo Sheets

I rotate my skin products every day. These are are what I reach for most. None of these contain SPF. I don’t use a lot of SPF in the winter (I know I should).

The first two moisturizers are light, not strong scents and they absorb quickly with very little shine. They make my face feel hydrated but not heavy and greasy or sticky. A little goes a long way especially in the Sheer Renewal Cream. 

The Firming and Hydrating Moisturizer is a new product. I just got it in the mail – it has really good reviews.

Day time:
Oil Free Gel Cream | Sheer Renewal Cream | Firming & Hydrating Moisturizer (new)

I use eye cream day and night, after I wash, but before I put on the rest of my face lotion.

I’ve tried eye creams that seem to absorb into my skin but then leave a weird residue and crumble when I rub my eye skin.

These are two I’ve found that do NOT do that. I like them because they reduce my eye wrinkles and crinkles and aren’t too shiny looking. They soak in to my skin fast, too.

Eye Cream:
Complete Eye Cream | Revive & Rewind

The 24-7 Moisture Cream is truly a day or evening lotion. When I’m feeling dry I use it during the day. It is definitely heavier than the gel cream, but not necessarily greasy. The Extreme Recovery Cream has the dreamiest consistency – so smooth and creamy. It absorbs into your skin quick, provides a ton of hydration but not so much that you’re dripping in it. It’s got a low grease factor. 

Night time or Dry time:
Extreme Recovery Cream | 24-7 Moisture 

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