Self Tanner

Raise your hand if you feel your summer tan fading. Take me back to July. 

I’ve tried self tanner from many angles: the spray tan (orange) the lotion and finally landed on mousse. I have naturally very pale skin that rejects these products. So I was pleasantly surprised with this one!

The process is fairly simple and hard to screw up (really). 

1 – Take a shower or bath and exfoliate. I like to scrub my legs, arms body with these exfoliating gloves. Dry off completely.
2 – I use this body butter lotion on areas where I don’t want weird lines such as: heels, elbows, knuckles, etc… Rub it in well.
3 – Apply it. This applicator glove is a game changer. It applies evenly and helps spread the product better than hands. It also saves my finger nails from staining. 
4 – Stand in your shower or bathroom naked and cold until you feel dry. (I’m laughing WITH you not AT you.)
5 – Put on some dark clothes and go to bed. Or hang out. I typically do this before bed.
Pro tip: My self tan lasts best if I don’t scrub my legs and arms in the shower. Also if I don’t soak a lot in the tub.
6 – After my first shower I apply the body butter all over to seal the deal.

If I’m traveling or need a tan for an event I’ll repeat this process about every week and a half to two weeks.

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